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This small App is used to export TAB delimited Contacts file from Outlook Express on Mac, the old "de-facto" standard e-mail client in OS9 era.


Main features:

Why don't use "Apple Mail" embedded scripts to import addresses?

Ok, it can be done, but if You need SIMPLY to convert from OE to VCARD format, You should pass from "Apple Mail" and "Address Book",
adding unwanted contacts to you main list.
You can simply export in the VCARD format for a later use, or send contacts to other people using PC or Mac.

You can also spit a Contacts file to single VCARD, one for every contact.

How to Use
Simpley export from OE (or other). Note we use the standard fields on OE and copy only some fields.


Simply make a folder for it, and copy this app into.

Future improvement

Who knows....

Version & licensing


Support and mail

Every comment is welcome. Please send a mail if its seems useful. ingconti@ingconti.com



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