Menus and commands

There are very few commands:

Edit Formula

This command, under the menu "Edit" allow you to insert and modify the formula. Generally is not needed that you type the asterisk for ther multiply: the program understands normal math syntax. As usual use parentheses to modify the order of  evaluation.            
Legal expression may be:            

xsinx (equiv. to x*sinx and to x*sin(x)            
1+arctan x            

and so on...

Curve Info

Display Infos on the typed formula, as Min, Max, the value of X in min and max, and other useful infos. 


Min X and Max X are the values of the x variable. It can be expressed in the usual scientific notation.            
Number of Iterations  is the total number of pieces in which the x interval will be devided and y will be computed. The more the slower...            

Autoscale X and Y automatically makes every scalihng to achieve the best viewing result, adapting the calculations to the visible area of the window.            
If unchecked you will see only few points, i.e. only points whose coords are integer numbers that can be contained in the visible area. See also NOTES on Drawing           

Don't Draw saves time on long computations: the program doesn't draw at all but computes max, min....            

Save window position will save and restore position and size of the main window.            
Decimal separator for Export will allow you to change the decimal separator when exporting data to an external spreadsheet. It is useful if you use a NON- U.S. system software. For example if you use an  Italian version (both Mac System 7.5 or Win95) of system software, Excel will NOT recognize decimal numbers, as Excel searches for "," .          

Parsing debuggin' was useful during development: now could be useful to learn how the program parses the expression.            

Eval debuggin' was useful during development: now could be useful to learn how the program walks trough its interanl tree built during parsing.  


This command exports data to an external worksheet as a TAB delimited file. File can be open using a word processor, too.          
It dumps out the numeric values that has plotted.       
Decimal separator for Export above for details.

Page Setup/Print


This commands are the usual commans to print what you plotted.      

A note: when You print, the program uses the same routines for drawing as onto the screen, using the number of pixels of the current output device.       
This fact leads to a different behaviour between Mac and Win:        

on Mac you will print BIG pixels, of the same size as on video (i.e. you print pixel as using 72 dpi)       

on Win you print at the current printer resolution, so you can plot even at 1200 dpi or more.       
On a Laser yuo normally get 600 dpi, and so the pixels will be 4791 x 6826 (on A4). So if you got a very light curve, increse the number of iteration: this setting will increse the effective pixels drawn.       


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