1) Give details about how it works.

It works using normal drag&drop

SPLIT! function:

I) it divides files based upon their extensions, so if You drag a folder containing 3 JPGs and 2 TIFs, you will get a folder "JPG" with this 3 Jpg items, and a folder "TIF" with 2 Tifs.

II) it moves files, does NOT copy them.

III) If you drag a file, will be created a Folder based on extension.

IV) you have two options:

1) "on Fly"
2) drag folders and "split" files manually

"on Fly" will process silently one or MORE folder.
After finished, You will notice "ok" on the right.

manually means You have to click on "Split" button for every row of the table you need to convert.
After dragging You will notice a "-" at the right.
After processing, "-" will be changed in "ok"
Name will be replaced with the inner folder.

V) After converting, You can double-click on a row: "SplitMyFies" will bring you to the newly created folder.

NOTE: for now subfolder are NOT ALLOWED.

Synch Function:

This function allow to "synchronize" files inside two folder.
You can synch two folders:

a) drag original (the folder that contains correct files) folder upon the LEFT part of Synch window, on the box labelled "original"

b) drag the folder containing files to be purged on the RIGHT box (labelled "to be cleaned")

the program will scan the RIGHT folder and extract the name without extension:
if a file with the same name (without extension) is present on the left, the file on the right is preseved, otherwiese WILL BE purged, intwo different ways, according to the checkbox "Move instead of deleting"

If You choose "Move instead of deleting" the file is MOVED inside a special foder created on fly, called "Deleted"


You cannot drag single files.
You cannot drag folder deep more than one level.