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This App is used mainly to process photos from high definition Camera.

Using this camera, You usually get more types of the same images, usually in different formats, so for example You can get an image DC10001 in 3 files:


and so on.

If You have 10000 photos, you will get 30'000 files all together and dividing them by type can be a lengthy operation subjected to errors.

So the first function: SPLIT.

Suppose You have seen and selected 8000 files seeing the JPEG format, as quicker than seeing RAW.

Now You have 8000 files in JPEG folders, but in RAW (or TIFF folder created using "split") you still have 10'000 photos: Deleting the unwanted RAW can be NIGHTMARE! You should read every item in JPEG folder, serach in in RAW ( or TIFF) folder and trash it. Errors will succeed for sure.

So the 2nd function: Synchronize.

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Main features:

You have two windows and two different functions:

a) Splitting
b) Synching folders

It works using normal drag&drop

SPLIT! function:

I) it divides files based upon their extensions, so if You drag a folder containing 3 JPGs and 2 TIFs, you will get a folder "JPG" with this 3 Jpg items, and a folder "TIF" with 2 Tifs.

Synch Function:

This function allow to "synchronize" files inside two folder.
You can synch two folders:

a) drag original (the folder that contains correct files) folder upon the LEFT part of Synch window, on the box labelled "original"

b) drag the folder containing files to be purged on the RIGHT box (labelled "to be cleaned")

the program will scan the RIGHT folder and extract the name without extension:

(See Help for more details)


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Future improvement

Who knows?

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