Welcome to iPod Battery 1.1 for Mac OSX

2005 by ing.Conti ingconti@ingconti.com

Dirty work: Piero & GigiSommo.


This small App is used to change the iPod battery indicator.
By default iPod display a battery with some small tags.
You can change to a numeric rappresentation from 0 to 999, giving a better understanding of battery status.


from an article of Christopher Breen,
"Numeric iPod battery display"

Main features:

Why use iPodBatteryIndicator?

The digital number indicator gives a more detailed view of battery status.
You can change from analog (a small battery picture on Ipod) to digital, or vice-versa.


Simply make a folder for it, and copy this app into.

Future improvement

Who knows....

Version & licensing


Support and mail

Every comment is welcome. Please send a mail if its seems useful. ingconti@ingconti.com



Some help

Open program and select your iPod from popup menu.

Click on this icon

to change from analog to digital.

Or click on this icon

to change from digital to analog.

You can rescan for a newly connected iPod clicking on "Rescan".

You can see unix commands sent to shell to change settings.

Important notes:

a) PLEASE disconnect completely from your Mac to see changes. As long as iPod remains connected, You cannot see any change.

b) This app was tested on original 10GB iPod and on U2 black iPod.

c) Obviously it does NOT work on Shuffle! we tried, NO DAMAGE, but Shuffle as no LCD display!

© 2005 by ing.Conti ingconti@ingconti.com